Discovering the best cocido in Madrid

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Now, in the midst of winter, we can hardly think of a more appealing, typical Madrid dish than cocido stew. Consommé with chick peas, vegetables and meat are the essential elements in this unassuming dish that is not to be underestimated! If you are tempted to taste the best in Madrid, here’s where.

Casa Carola

Everything on the menu here has to do with cocido. The options will not let you down. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed with a glass of cava and a cocido croquette. To follow, a large bowl of this wholesome stew is placed in the middle of your table. And the best bit? It’s bottomless! So you get to eat as much as you want. This stew comes in 3 stages: consommé with fideo; fresh vegetables with home-grown chick peas and new potatoes; and the meats, including beef, chicken and chorizo. To end it all on a sweet note, they have a list of home-made desserts.

La Clave

Cocido madrileño_ok

In 2017, the Cocido Fan Club awarded this restaurant’s stew the highest rating in Spain! This elegant and spacious establishment serves cocido with a special twist – The stew at La Clave comes in four stages instead of three. It all starts with a croquette made with the stew, followed by soup and fideo, then a huge bowl of chick peas, cabbage and potatoes, ending with an almighty plateful of meat.


A traditional tavern with its genuine Spanish feel is the best place for a good plateful – or several! – of Madrid cocido. Each stage of their star dish has its charm, and it is all poetically explained on Malacatín’s website: the wholesomeness of the consommé, the bounciness of the Castilian chickpeas, the sobriety of the potato, the tenderness of the pork marbling and the valiance of the chicken in the pot. Flavour, generosity and quality make this a unique experience for the taste buds. Don’t forget to book!

Taberna de la Daniela

Here is another of Madrid’s traditional, genuine Spanish taverns. You will see on their website that the cocido they serve comes in three stages: Jack, Queen and King – or basically, consommé, chick peas with vegetables, and meat. A finger-licking feast!

Now you know where to find four of Madrid’s top cocidos with much the same ingredients but different flavours. Which is your favourite?

*Picture from the La Clave restaurant

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