El Museo Reina Sofía

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Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía or The Museo Reina Sofía as it is also known, is home to pieces by artists such as Joan Miró, Lucio Muñoz, José Gutiérrez Solana, and also has 2 particularly superb collections by Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso, the most popular of Picasso’s works on display here is the Guernica, which is a stark black and white piece, depicting the suffering war inflicts upon the innocent people caught in the middle, this has become the single most visited piece of art on display in Madrid and possibly all of Spain.

While most of the work on display in the The Museo Reina Sofía is typically the work of Spanish artists, there are also a few works of other international artists on display, pieces by artists such as Sir Francis Bacon, Bruce Neuman, Yves Klein, and Richard Serra, to name but a few.

For those of you that have an interest in art, and have yet to lay eyes on a genuine Picasso or Dalí, then The Museo Reina Sofía is for you, the entrance fee is a very reasonable €6, but as with all museums in Madrid there is normally a period of time during the week where admission is free, In the case of The Museo Reina Sofía this time on a Saturday afternoon from 14:30 to 2100 or on a Sunday morning from 10am to 14:30, it is also free on certain public holidays, these free days should definitely be taken advantage of during your stay in Madrid.

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