Un chocolate con churros en Madrid

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It is that something special about your holidays, that feeling of freedom that it gives you being away from home, and as well the need to try all the best the city has to offer. Madrid has this tradition, a very sweet one, it has the best drinking chocolate. 

Drinking chocolate in Madrid is not just a mere mix of water and cocoa, you can expect to get a delicious cup of hot, steaming thick chocolate. Tradition has it that the best mug of chocolate is that in which you can stand a tea spoon and it will stay like that, standing. 

However, if you come to Madrid, you can leave without having tried chocolate with churros or “chocolate con churros”. Churros or porras are a local specialty, fried dough shaped like long sausages. Churros are thinner and generally shaped like a bow, while porrasare thicker and normally shaped like sticks. They are savoury but you can eat them with a bit of sugar or just simply dunk them in your chocolate, even in public, yes, really, most Spaniards do it and nobody thinks anything of it.

Most bars and cafés will serve chocolate con churros or even coffee with churros if your tooth isn’t that sweet. But if you want to go for the typical Madrid experience to boast about back home, you have to try the chocolate con churros in Chocolatería San Ginés, in Pasadizo de San Ginés, 5, just about 10 minutes walk from Posada de Huertas.

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