El Museo Sorolla en Madrid

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The Museum Sorolla in Madrid is a celebration of the life and work of the famous Spanish painter Joaquin Sorolla Bastida, who is known as simply “Sorolla”. This great artist lived and worked between two centuries, between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. He is maybe best known for the gigantic project he worked on for 8 years, during this time he travelled around Spain to ather information and images of all the regions of Spain to create a big mural painting representing all the provinces of Spain for the Hispanic Society of New York.

The museum is situated in Calle General Martínez Campos, 37 in Madrid. In this building you will be able to see most of the objects that Sorolla managed to acquired during his life, as well as paintings by Sorolla from all his periods.

The museum also has temporal exhibitions that change every few months. This season up to February 2012, the Museum Sorollaintroduces its visitors to the city of Granada through Sorolla’s eyes. In this exhibition you will be able to enjoy 24 paintings, sketches, ceramic works as well as letters to Sorolla’s wife. The exhibition is divided in four areas: presentation, 1909-1910, 1917 and Granada in the second garden of the museum.

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