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When travelling it’s very important to find those bargains when eating out, as well as finding those very typical eateries where to enjoy the local delicatessens for less, if possible. However, sometimes, we need to enjoy a special dinner out, especially if on a romantic break or travelling with those special people. Caffé dei Poeti is one of those places that can make your evening special. Situated in the Barrio de las Letras, or Literary Quarter in Madrid, this restaurant takes the popular Italian cuisine to its next level, offering a comprehensive menu based on the fusion of the best staples of Italian cuisine with an international touch.

You will find Caffé dei Poeti in Prado 4, just next to the Prado Museum, which means that you will be able to enjoy a nice walk down towards this wonderful venue. In this restaurant you will find nice penne arrabiata with bagná bread, or even fish and meats, all very Italian themselves, but with also with Mediterranean influences. The variety of its menu and its location makes it easy to go with big groups as well, as you will be sure to find something that pleases everybody. After a nice dinner there, you may want to walk up towards Posada de Huertas stopping at some of the many pubs in Calle Huertas and Santa Maria.

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