El Monte del Pardo en Madrid

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Nature and wild life fans have the opportunity to visit a great Paradise near Madrid, the Monte del Pardo. This area is one of the best examples of Mediterranean forest in Europe and one of the best preserved natural areas in the old continent.

The wonder is that this unique space is only about 8 kilometres from Puerta del Sol, the central square in Madrid, and it also covers about 16,000 hectares, just about a fourth of the area of Madrid, the capital of Spain.

The best way to get to Monte del Pardo is by public transport. There is a great network of buses that served this area, they are regular and reliable. Line 601 leaves from Moncloa and goes through El Pardo, Mingorrubio and line 602 leaves from La Paz Hospital and stops at El Pardo and Mingorrubio.

If you are driving, then you can take the 612 and 205 national roads that will take you directly to the town of El Pardo.

This small mountain, Monte del Pardo, is part of the Regional Park of the Manzanares River, which boasts numerous and interesting wild life species. Some of the animals that inhabit this area are fallow deer, boars, bobcats, red partridges and rabbits. The main trees in the area are oaks, but there are also poplars, and elegant junipers.

Nearby you will find the Pardo Palace, that has been home to the Spanish Royal Family since 1405, when Henry III of Castile commanded its construction to indulge it its hunting passion. Just around the corner is the Casita del Príncipe, the Prince’s Little House, built under Charles III’s reign, and which was a royal entertainment pavilion.

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