Las mejores zonas de marcha en Madrid

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There is no other city for night life in the entire world as Madrid, this city never goes to sleep, never has a rest. They say Madrid lives at night and it could be true.

The millions of tourists that visit the capital of Spain every year discover that when the sun goes down this city is as fascinating or more than during the day. Courtesy of Posada de Huertas, we are going to introduce you to a guide of the best areas of the city in a nutshell.

One of the night life areas that are in at the moment is La Latina. In this central area you can still see the typical street network of the Medieval city. This area is very popular with students and young people, because the prices of drinks are very affordable and there are many bars and pubs, so there is no need to move about by car or bus. In the area there are two main central points where all the night walkers meet up for their night out, Plaza de la Paja and Plaza de la Cebada.

Another one of the areas that is never out of fashion is Lavapies. If you enjoy multicultural experiences, if you’d like to travel without leaving Madrid, if you’d like to learn something about other countries, other music, other cultures, then you’ve come to the right place.

All around this area you will find salsa venues with their Caribbean rythms, hip-hop joints as well as reggae, flamenco and of course a lot of rock. There are truly venues and night-clubs for everybody.

Malasaña is, on the other hand, the birth place of the famous ‘movida madrileña’, that especial era of Madrid’s night life that influenced the 80s. It’s also called the ‘Barrio Maravillas’ or the area of wanders because all it has to offer. The area where night-life is at the top of its game is Plaza del Dos de Mayo, where you will find Indie-pop, punk and rock!

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