La Estación-Museo de Chamberí en Madrid

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It has been called “Platform Zero” (Andén 0), it can be found deep in the ground under the Plaza de Chamberi in Madrid and it is a reminder of the story and the recent past of the media that have turned Madrid upside down in recent times.

The Museum-Station of Chamberi presents to us an old station that will help us learn about the history of Madrid’s underground.

Visits are free and you can also take pictures, in case you want to add to your holiday snaps. It is open from 11am to 7pm from Tuesday to Friday. Weekends and public holidays it opens from 11am to 3pm. Even the entrance to this museum is different, as you will enter through a glass cylinder that will take you down towards the station.

This has been the brainchild of the Madrid Council that wanted to offer the locals something of a time machine that would help them to take a quick journey through the history of the underground and the past of this city.

This journey will start at the beginning of the 20th century when the underground started. Afterwards the Spanish Civil War started, and with it the underground also turned into a refuge to avoid the bombs dropped at night by the enemy.

The last part of the journey is the present, introducing us to the modern underground network, which is very comfortable and fast. Now the network has grown to cover even the areas outside the city, those small villages surrounding the city.

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