Penúltima estación en Madrid: el Museo del Ferrocarril

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However, you probably haven’t been to see yet the penultimate station, a place for nostalgic souls. This place where memories come to mind, where engines of the past are standing on dead but perfectly maintained tracks to be admired by visitors is the Museo del Ferrocarril, Madrid’s railway museum.

This space is situated in the Delicias Station, famous because it was inaugurated in 1880 by the King Alfonso XII and his wife María Cristina.

This spectacular collection is divided in different rooms or sections: the clock room, the traction room, the model-making room, the Faustino García Linares’ room, the El Viaje (the trip) section and the infrastructure room.

The traction room is without a doubt the most visited, it contains 30 engines and cars that have been restored and well preserved and it’s got an immense historical value. Among the engines you will find railcars, steam engines, diesel engines or electric engines and several different models of passenger cars that are surprisingly bright and well-preserved.

In the clock room there are twenty old station clocks. These devices have been silent witnesses of numerous scenes of travellers welcoming and taking leave of loved ones on the station platforms.

The museum can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00am to 3.00pm. On Mondays it´s closed. Ticket prices are 5 Euros and there are special prices for over 65s and people on benefits, as well as students and young people with tickets for 3.50 Euros. And on Saturdays you can get a ticket for as little as one Euro.

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