Una ruta de tapas típicas por las calles de Madrid

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Thousands of national and foreign travellers arrive every year to the capital of Spain brandishing a food guide and a map to help them on their task of finding the best tapas bars in the city of Madrid.

This task is hard and complicated because, Madrid is a very cosmopolitan and huge city, where there are many different eateries that offer extraordinary and tasty tapas that will make the delights of even the best gourmets.

In this short guide, we will introduce you to some of them, helped by our curiosity and our appetite, both needed to enjoy the adventure. Some of these are can-be-missed places if you want to enjoy a wonderful tapas experience in Madrid.

Our tapas-bar route in Madrid can start in the calle Alvarado, where we will find Taberna de Domínguez, specialized in “cazón en adobo” (marinated shark) accompanied by “bienmesabe”. It also offers pig’s ear, potatoes in spicy sauce, individual Spanish omelettes with spicy sauce, croquettes, meats, etc. It´s a paradise for your taste buds, a place that you will not want to leave until you´re thoroughly satisfied and with the advantage of good prices.

Another of the traditional ones is Casa Julio in calle de la Madera 37. This bar offers fantastic Spanish croquettes (prepared with flour and milk) with fillings such as spinach, raisins or ham. Their stuffed peppers are also great.

In calle Alvarez Gato 3 there is an eatery for those who love good popular cuisine, Las Bravas: potatoes with spicy sauce, calamari, omelettes, chicken wings, pig’s ear and many more, all of them with their own spicy sauce.

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