The Sabatini Gardens in Madrid

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They have achieved international fame because they are the chosen background for different artistic endeavours such us music festivals, summer open air concerts and other cultural activities.

We are talking about the Jardines de Sabatini in Madrid, a magical space situated off the north wall of the Royal Palace, between the Cuesta de San Vicente and the calle Bailén. are gardens in the Neoclassic style, in spite of their name they were not designed and created by the famous Italian architect Sabatini, as one could think, but what had been designed b the master were the royal stables that onces stood on the same site.

The project for the creation of the gardens dates back to 1935, although the Spanish Civil War put a stop to the creation and it was not until after it they could start work on them. So, it was in 1940 when work started, and the great official opening took place in 1950.

The architect Fernando García Mercadal, born in Zaragoza, won the contest organized by the Council of Madrid and so, he became the designer of these beautiful area.

These gardens are among the most visited and appreciated by tourists that come to the capital of Spain.

In the centre you will find a big rectangular pond surrounded by some statues and hedges. The statues represent different Goth kings of the old kingdom, similar to the statues in the Plaza de Oriente. The story goes that these statues were supposed to have been used to adorn the sides of the palace, but due to their heaviness they had to be placed on the ground to avoid accidents.

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