The best restaurants from Asturias in Madrid

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Enjoying the best the north of Spain has to offer without leaving the centre of Madrid; tasting the best foods from Asturias without stepping outside the capital; drinking the best cider far away from the coast, pouring it into your glasses with the same style and the same cheerfulness, all of this hundreds of miles from the region of Asturias.

If you love this region, miss it or simply you want to treat yourself, today we are going to introduce you to the best Asturias-style bars in Madrid.

There are many different one to choose from. They will all have something for everybody and will suit all pockets, but they all have something in common, their hospitality and friendliness.

In calle Infanta Mercedes 31, you can find the Bon Gustu, a temple for good food and drink, quantity and quality at the same level. You will be amazed with its cider chorizo-sausage, their bean stew (fabada) and their platters to share (raciones). Even Fernando Alonso himself, an man from Asturias born and bred, will be surprised of the quality.

El Llar, in calle Fernández de los Ríos 11, is a nice restaurant with great flavoursome dishes. Their béchamel sauce croquettes and their hake will leave you flabbergasted and their prices are very reasonable for a city like Madrid. You are in luck as they have managed to keep the prices from Asturias.

For those who love the best apple juice there is, cider, we would suggest visiting Sidrería Teitu, in  calle Capitán Haya número 20. Their homemade food will make you feel special. Their platter menu is very large and all the food is very good quality. Their potates with Cabrales cheese will make your mouth water.

El Rincón Asturiano deserves a special note, situated in calle Delicias, 26. Some of the strongest reasons for coming here are their bass, their typical bean stew, their ox steak and their homemade rice pudding. Their client base is also very regular.

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