Madrid, restaurants with a bit of bababoum or is it bababoom?

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Visiting Madrid and a bit fed up with the typical pizza and pasta? Want something a bit… let’s say… different… than the tapas everybody seems to be eating these days? Well, welcome to Madrid, this city is, if not yet a 24 hours city, at least a city where you can find quite a  lot most of the time. So, restaurants are high on the list.

Let’s start by visiting the market in Anton Martin, quite central and obviously easy to get to from Posada de Huertas, In this market there is an ‘Ostreria’ or ‘Oyster restaurant’, here for a much better interesting price than most seafood restaurants you will have access to a great menu in a great setting.

If you are going for the low budget-good quality ratio, then Cafeteria Montesa is a must-try. Situated in calle Montesa 4 just a few yards from Metro Manuel Becerra and about 5 minutes walk from Metro Goya and El Corte Inglés, this family run ‘cafeteria’ offers more than just coffees, they have fullfledged menus: fish, meat, pasta and much more, and of course their delicious pancakes or tortitas to finish the meal with. This cafeteria is a great experience, both for its food and the service, nice, friendly waiters and of course, the owner, the second generation Montesa’s owner.

But if what you want is something different, so why not trying the new Pele-Mele experience in Plaza de España 11. This is a new concept, a restaurant with telephones on each table that you can use to call another table and chat somebody up! There is sushi, fun and much more, definitely something to try even if you are just in Madrid for the sightseeing.

Any of these restaurants are very close to Posada de Huertas, and on your way back from them you can stop at any of the several lively pubs and bars that pepper the streets around the guesthouse.

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