Summer evenings around Huertas

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Summer is a magical time in Madrid, the whole feel of the city changes. Many locals move out for the summer and the usually buzzing city slows down for a couple of months. You will really enjoy the quiet pleasure of walking around the quaint and narrow streets in the Huertas area.

Huertas has two personalities, during the day it looks like any other local working area, quiet with the occasional man or woman walking from work or going out to get the shopping. The many pubs and bars close their doors during the day and only open late in the evening.

Around 7 or 8 in the evening the other Huertas starts moving, stretching, yawning and opening its bright eyes in search of the night life. This time is still early for most, it is the younger generation that crowds the streets and squares at this time. As time goes by and the light turns into darkness, the quality of the crowd starts changing, adolescents and young adults start turning into not so young adults and thirty-somethings and forty-somethings.

The times pubs and bar open and the quality of the night changes with the clock. You will find that restaurant open later than in other European countries and also stay open for longer. It is possible to leave the house late, have a few drinks in your favourite haunts and then share a nice dinner with your mates or loved ones. Ten o’clock at night is as good a time as any to enjoy a nice, sit-down and relaxed meal, to then proceed to one of the many disco-pubs or pubs in the area.

Before returning to Posada de Huertas, though, after a hot summer day, it is really refreshing to sit down in the cool of the Madrilian night in the Plaza de Santa Ana in one of the tables that invade the centre in summer and enjoy a cold beer, a coffee or just a horchata  under the stairs.

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