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Dos personas hacen turismo por Madrid en bici

If you’re looking for a bike-friendly accommodation in Madrid, you’ve come to the right pace. At Posada de las Huertas hostel, many of our guests come with the intention of pedalling up and down the city and we can offer you excellent advice thanks to our vast experience.

Despite the hills, Madrid by bike offers a different perspective and is also the perfect mix between sport and culture. We will give you the best routes and areas together with some tips and advice to visit Madrid by bike.

Bike routes around Madrid

Madrid has quite a few steep hills inside the city, so visiting it by bicycle can be quite complicated, especially if you’re not fit. However, every effort has its reward: with the bicycle you can get around freely, avoid traffic jams, keep fit and you’re also contributing to preserve the environment.

The best areas to Madrid to cycle in are:

Retiro. Inaugurated in 1633 as a leisure area for Spanish monarchs, with its gardens and ponds it is one of the most beautiful places in the city. Its large avenues are ideal to cycle in.

Casa de Campo. Another of the large green areas in the city, with gentle hills and valleys that have a maximum ramp of just 110 yards. There are many streams here that lead to the Manzanares river, such as the Meaques and the Antequina.

Madrid Rio. In the last few years, the City Council has renovated the banks of the Manzanares river with a bicycle lane and many spaces dedicated to sport and culture. Regarding guided tours, the Tourism Office organises bicycle routes every week leaving from Plaza Mayor. More information on prices and timetables on the “Madrid by bicycle and skates” brochure.

Access to the Metro network

We recommend the use of the Metro when it comes to moving around the city. Fortunately, there is free access on the Metro in Madrid with a bike and has been for a few years now. It is permitted from Monday to Friday from 10am to 12.30pm and from 9pm until close.

If your bicycle can be folded then you can access both the Metro and the train without any time limitation, since it is considered luggage.

Rental and parking

Very close to our hostel in Sol you can find two bicycle rental shops:

Trixi Madrid (Jardines, 12)

Bike Center (Plaza de la Villa, 1)

In regards to parking, we have saved the best until last: at Posada Huertas we have free bicycle parking for our guests in the courtyard. You can’t say we don’t make it easy for you! 😉

Foto | (CC) Patrick Dobeson

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