An afternoon in Malasaña

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MalasañaOne of the most flavourful districts in Madrid, cradle of hipsters, known for their big beats and checked shirts with all their buttons done up. This is an oasis of narrow streets, charming bars and shops in the heart of Madrid, owing its name to the heroin of the Dos de Mayo, Manuela Malasaña, who died on that fateful day, as did Daoiz, Velarde or Ruiz, each with their own street.

You can start the route on Calle Manuela Malasaña, beginning for example at Café Comercial at the Bilbao roundabout, one of those cafés with character that has seen many literary discussions inside it in the last few decades. From there we go up this street, one of the streets with the most variety in the city, with an offer that goes from Mexican to Thai to Ethiopian restaurants.

The best thing to do is to cover it end to end and choose a restaurant for dinner afterwards, because it is best to come here in the afternoons, when activity starts to build after relaxing mornings that are not typical of such a big city.

Second-hand stores, record stores, bookshops, charming cafés, exhibition rooms… This district offers numerous attractions, among which we highlight that rich gastronomic offer that Manuela Malasaña is such a good symbol for. We also have the galettes (a variation of the crêpe) at Breizh, the Russian blinis of Las Noches de Moscú and, of course, sushi restaurants, such as Banzai on Calle Espíritu Santo.

In the part that is closest to the Gran Vía, near the ‘bordering’ limit of Calle Fuencarral, which opens to Chueca, is an area renamed as Triball, with the aim to impulse commercial activity during these hard times. And so, streets like Ballesta, Valverde or El Barco have a series of modern places like bars (Café de la Luz, Martínez) and fashion stores, that can be seen on the website they have had set up for them.

Very close, on Corredera Baja de San Pablo, is some sort of small Brooklyn in the centre of Madrid, with New-York-esque shops such as Kikekeller among many others, which emerged in the heat of the emblematic Teatro Lara.

Malasaña is one of the most popular leisure spots for young people in Madrid and is well worth a visit. However, you must not stop from taking part in the activities that we organise in our international accommodation and that make Posada de Huertas one of the most fun hostels in Madrid: pub crawl, tapas crawl or paella parties are just some of the leisure options that we offer if you stay with us (also, with very cheap prices).

Photo: Zaqarbal via Wikimedia Commons. Licencia CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Spain.

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