Chueca, gay epicentre and much more

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Belonging to the Centro district and limited by the streets of Barquillo and Fuencarral, it is considered an example of gentrification, a harsh word that is used to talk about the reconversion processes of run-down districts into attractive ones full of commercial and active life. This is what happened with Chueca, deep in a hole in the 70s due to drug trafficking and crime. The choice of the gay community as their ‘settlement’ here contributed to its progressive facelift, since more refined shops started to open here next to the district’s traditional sex shops, as well as many saunas directed at the homosexual community.

Plaza de Chueca, which you can get to easily from the metro stop, is one of the of the central points in the district, with its many terraces and the legendary Taberna de Ángel Sierra, ideal for a nice vermouth.

Calle Augusto Figueroa is another of the most characteristic and lively streets in the district, with a high presence of shoe shops and the brand-new San Antón market, inaugurated in 2012. It is well worth coming here to see the stalls and shops due to the quality of its products, breads, meats and flowers, all presented with a lot of style.

Also worth a visit is Calle Libertad, a beautiful name for such an uninhibited district like this, where you can have a beer at Libertad 8, a classic place known for its live music and concerts or poem recitals. On the same street, Bocaíto, a restaurant that opened in 1966, will delight all those who enjoy generous tapas servings and that is famous for a dish which is as simple as it is exquisite: the escalope con patatas, similar to Austria’s schnitzel.

Other recommendations are Bazaar, excellent value for money in a large and pleasant place (of the same chain as La Finca de Susana or La Gloria de Montera) and, for a weekend drink, La Fábrica de Pan is one of the many good options.

From the Posada de Huertas International Hostel in Madrid we can get to Chueca in no time at all. Barely a 20-minute walk away and we can be enjoying the diversity and fun that this central district of Madrid has to offer. Would you like to discover it?

Photo: Magnus Manske via Wikimedia Commons. Licencia CC Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic.

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