Madrid has no beach but it does have swimming pools

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Piscina MadridEveryone who visits Madrid for a prolonged period of time will at least once feel the need to go for a dip. For that, including a visit to one of the city’s swimming pools or going on a getaway to one of the nearby reservoirs is a recommendable option, because there are all types of tourism options in Madrid and swimming pools are no exception.

The classic ones are the local pools at cheap prices, like Peñuelas, Francos Rodríguez or Canal de Isabel II, without forgetting about the sports facilities of the Ciudad Universitaria (Complutense), costing 8 euros for non-students. Close to the Casa de Campo is also the Lago swimming pool, by the homonymous metro stop where you can get to in just five minutes from plaza de España and just 20 minutes from our hotel.

If you would like to go for a dip in a special place -and you do not mind paying the high prices- you can go to one of the swimming pools located on rooftops in the city centre. One of them is Óscar Room Mate, for whoever wishes to treat themselves (price is of 40 euros for a full day), and it includes locker, towel and a glass of champagne. Known as the Terraza de Arriba, it holds the Pool Club, the hotel pool that, as we say,is open to the public if you pay, offering beautiful views of the heart of Madrid (Chueca/Gran Vía area).

Another less fashionable option but with more spectacular views (it is much higher up) is the pool of the Emperador Hotel, located on the final stretch of the Gran Vía near Plaza de España. The price is somewhat lower than the previous one (33 euros, although more expensive on weekends).

For a more wild dip outside the city, the region of Madrid has many natural spaces where to freshen up in a natural setting. We prefer Playa del Alberche, which you can drive to (25 minutes southwest of Madrid) and park there. The place really is like a beach, with sand and even with a beach bar that makes food.

With these refreshing options, we can spend the summer in Madrid without missing the beach too much. Come and try out this plan during the summer in Madrid before joining the party that is ever present in our international hostel.

Foto: Miguel303xm via Wikimedia Commons.

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