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Comic en MadridMen and women don’t just live from literature. For a while now, stores specialising in comic books have been emerging in Madrid, joining other veteran ones such as El Mono Araña on Calle Peñuelas, 14, known for its wide range of comic books but also for the events and presentations that take place there. As well as comic books, they also sell games and different merchandise, from Batman t-shirts to, read carefully, tinned dragon meat (16.95 euros), served in a can “with all the necessary food for a medieval knight”. You can even buy tongs that look like light sabres from Star Wars.

In Malasaña you can find The Comic Co., an elegant shop with a good selection of the best in the genre, with recent titles such as Pyongyang by Guy Delisle and other classics by Robert Crump, as well as the Asian genre par excellence: Manga. It is a favourite among comic-book lovers in Madrid, perhaps because Victor Solar, a local artist, works on his art in the same shop.

Another classic place is Elektra Madrid, which has been campaigning since 1989 that comic books are more than just a hobby for children or social outcasts. On its shelves you can find some of the finest adult comic books but also sci-fi and adventure ones, such as Integral Crusade or The Eagles of Rome. Children can also find comic books for their age, such as those by Hanna Barbera or even Lucky Luke ones.

They are independent stores with a single shop, unlike those of Generación X, with various stores spread over Spain and a few of them in Madrid, with the most central one being on Calle Puebla, 15, in the Malasaña district. As well as comic books, they have board games, card games, miniatures, role-playing games and accessories for these games.

All in all, Madrid is a great place to find cult comic books or other more simple publications. If you are looking for budget accommodation in Madrid for your comic-book hunting in Madrid, congratulations, you’ve found one: La Posada de Huertas is your best option for its atmosphere, location and price.

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  1. Hans Van Couter says:

    In 2014 I was visiting Madrid. During a walk, I came in a comic store. In the cellar of this comic store there was a hug head of a Balrog hanging on the wall(next to a big statue of an Uruk Hai). Any idea about the name and adress of this comic store ? I’m still looking for this balrog-head. Thanks.

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