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hamburguesas madridIt is an attraction in all the cities in the world and Madrid is no exception, especially when there are many quality hamburger joints around, more than just Foster’s Hollywood, which has been the favourite choice for those searching for the ultimate American-style burger. Home Burger is one of the options, a chain opened in 2007 whose restaurants are decorated with a mixture of modern and retro without frills, offering different types of quality burgers made from ecologic meat. They have five restaurants in Madrid that, thanks to its pleasant atmosphere and the reasonably priced quality food on the menu, have been met with positive reviews from locals.

In 2009, the legendary American chain Tommy Mel’s entered the burger market in Madrid, a chain known simply as “Mel’s”, which slowly unfolded its network of restaurants around the whole city, with the one on Calle Hortaleza being one of the most attractive ones.

They present tasty burgers, although smaller than those of Home Burger and somewhat cheaper, with their menu being perhaps a bit too conventional. Without diverting from this American-diner spirit, you can find Peggy Sue’s, who now offers the option of the ‘Personal Burger’, for guests who want to choose the ingredients they want on their burger.

Another franchise that has recently opened is Steak Burger, who boast about having the “best burgers in the city”, whether they are beef or any other meat. They have four restaurants in Madrid and they all present tasty burgers for ten euros each, such as the Double Deck Pizza Burger, with the Italian twist of oregano and basil; or the Melting Cheese Burger, which seduces its eater thanks to the “four-cheese explosion”.

Away from the chain market, burger lovers go to Don Oso, on Calle Donoso Cortés, 90, an unpretentious place that is somewhat outdated but with a product that makes visiting it well worth it. You can also try Alfredo’s Barbacoa, one of the classics, on Calle Juan Hurtado de Mendoza, 11. New York Burger also looks great from the outside, cooking juicy burgers the American way as its name indicates.

Burger Lab is also worth a visit in the heart of the Malasaña district, with its curious variety of burgers prepared with different exotic meats, such as ostrich, zebra, kangaroo, horse, boar and even bison. Vegetarians can also visit the place since they also offer tofu burgers.

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