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Joaquin ReyesAutumn is depressing? The lack of light brings out your melancholic side? Then you deserve a good laughing session. Luckily for you, the comedy scene in Madrid is a growing one and it consolidates itself year after year. For more than six seasons, the veteran Nancho Novo and his El Cavernícola (the Caveman) has been on stage, having been enjoyed by more than eight million people around the world in its different versions, hence the title of “Most-seen stand-up comedy in history”.

How come so much success? Among other reasons, since it is an infallible and universal subject: the difference between men and women, with the premise of “us men are idiots”.

Ticket prices start at 11.50€ at Teatro Fígaro, next to Tirso de Molina.

Que me aspen is a more recent proposal from one of the most charismatic comedians of the latest generation: Joaquín Reyes. It premieres on October 17th and it will be on stage at Teatro La Latina only until mid-December. Tickets start at 15 euros for a show that, as it explains on the brochure itself, gathers, in a 90-minute monologue, the happenings of “the prettiest yet dumbest character that exists “disorbiting” in our galaxy”.

Another classic comedy figure from the last decade is Luis Piedrahita, who starts his season of Spanish is a laudable language, no matter who speaks it (El castellano es un idioma loable, lo hable quien lo hable), where he talks in depth about the most insignificant and ridiculous details of our everyday lives. Ticket prices start at 16 euros and you can watch it in Teatro Callao, at the strange time of 11.59pm, every Saturday in October.

Three proposals by three great comedians, without forgetting about other great ones like Eduardo Aldán, Antonia San Juan and the unsettling yet hilarious Miguel Noguera, whose Ultrashow is as much about comedy as it is about experimental art. It is definitely worth a watch.


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