Sundays in La Latina

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la latinaOctober sunsets still have a pleasant temperature in Madrid and allow for you to wear those clothes that are perfect for the short period between summer and autumn. Although the great atmosphere does not die down even in the coldest of winters, one must still make the most of the last lights of early autumn and drop by La Latina on a Sunday.

Once there, you have many different options. The first one might be a visit to Cava Baja, one of the streets with the most bars by square foot in the city. We recommend Taberna Txakolina, where they serve delicious txakolí and pintxos (Basque white wine and tapas), just like they do at Lamiak a few yards up the road. Whoever wants to boast about having eaten at Casa Lucio and tried its famous eggs, they are on the right street. If the restaurant is full, something quite probable, you will have to go for Plan B and go to the restaurant in front, Los Huevo de Lucio, on number 30 of Cava Baja.

Another interesting place for tostas (toasted bread with toppings) is Corazón Loco on Calle del Almendro, 22, especially for its pork sirloin ones with Camembert cheese. Going down the same street you come across one of the places that best embodies Madrid’s tavern lifestyle: Almendro 13. They serve manzanilla from Cadiz and delicious tapas of eggs with salmorejo at reasonable prices.

Plaza del Humilladero and Plaza de la Paja, with their outdoor terraces, are also recommended options to go for some beers and tapas, as is the nearby terrace of El Viajero, one of Madrid’s many charming little spots. Once the stomach is full, you can go in search of a nice digestif, whether it’s a famous mojito from Delic or a drink at Tío Timón, both on Plaza de la Paja. Not far from there, on Calle Tabernillas, 15, you can find N del T, a bar that is not full with people that is ideal to have a quiet drink in.

This lively atmosphere takes place every Sunday. The complete plan is also to start the day with a visit to El Rastro.

Would you like to come and enjoy this? It is an ideal plan to enjoy with your friends or fellow travellers that you may meet during the activities that we organise at Posada de Huertas hostel.


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