Laughing is easy if you know how

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joaquin reyesNever has it been more necessary to laugh than in those uncertain and precarious times like those we are living in. Also, it is a great time to enjoy the comedy spread by comedians in Madrid thanks to a series of interesting proposals in humorous terms.

One of them is by the controversial comedian Miguel Lago, famous for saying things like “Almería is shit”, whose show Soy un miserable (I am mean) fills all the seats in each session at Teatro Reina Victoria, on Carrera de San Jerónimo, 20. His upcoming shows will be on December 27th and January 13th, with tickets costing just 10 euros, a reasonable price for a show that lasts for more than 90 minutes and during which laughter is guaranteed.

Also do not miss the show by two great comedians of the last few years, Joaquín Reyes and Ernesto Sevilla: Ensayos (Rehearsals). Only three performances with previously unseen sketches of the creation process of a show that they will premiere properly in 2015; the last chance to see these rehearsals is on December 22nd in Teatro La Latina.

Another option is the one offered by the versatile Rafael Maza with his imitations, juggling and different skills, telling us in a sarcastic way about things that range from the recession to glasses worn by rich hipsters. You can watch him at Teatro Alfil on the 23rd and 30th of December. You can also go and see the return of Pablo Chiappella (Amador in the famous TV comedy La Que Se Avecina), who goes over his most surprising experiences throughout his long career as a comedian. He performs every Friday once a month until June at Teatro Cofidis Alcázar.

La Chocita del Loro is another temple of comedy, with stages on the Gran Vía and at Calle Hermosilla, with stand-up from comedians such as Bermúdez, Santi Rodríguez, Juan Aroca or Eva Lendínez. Go on and laugh.

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