Cadiz, on a culinary-conquering mission of Madrid

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Gastronomia CadizThe Spanish capital could be compared to one of those Spanish regional fairs in which stalls from all the different regions are next to one another: the Spanish melting pot in a single city. It is difficult to state whether Andalusia is one of the Spanish autonomous regions that is represented the most in Madrid, but it is true that in recent times we have endured a rise of gastronomy from Southern Spain, especially from the city of Cadiz, an innovative cuisine without giving up on its essence.

One of the places where you can try this is in La Caleta, both in its restaurant on Calle Santa Isabel, 38, or in its sister restaurant of Calle Tres Peces, 21. The former imitates an Andalusian street, with geraniums and white walls. They offer traditional Andalusian dishes such as deep-fried fish, shrimp omelettes, a fantastic dish of Barbate tuna with deep-fried anemones and other tapas served in a simple manner that can be combined with the exquisite regional white wines, such as Barbazul.

Write down also the name of Lambuzo, on Calle de las Conchas, 9, in the Santo Domingo area. This restaurant serves traditional cuisine from Cadiz, presented with excellent design and originality. Almadraba tuna, anchovies, mojama with lime, marinated dogfish and other exquisite proposals that can also be enjoyed in the restaurant that they have in the lively location of Calle Ponzano, 8.

Sanlúcar is another fair representation of Cadiz-style restaurants, with their bullfighting posters and photos of flamenco singers. One of the most famous dishes is the hake roe with olive oil (huevas de merluza aliñás), deep-fried potatoes and squid (papas con chocos) or chickpeas with spinach, which can be accompanied by a refreshing glass of the local spirit manzanilla. Located on Calle San Isidro Labrador, 14, close to the Embajadores roundabout, this restaurant preserves Andalusian spirit and, if you go at midday, you get a free ration of quisquillas (shrimps) for every glass of Barbadillo that you order, something which is much welcome now that the hot weather has arrived.

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