Summer pleasures: a good cocktail

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cocteles madridThey are always tempting but the holidays and the heat make them even more appetising. However, where can you enjoy a good cocktail? There are many places to do so, such as Harvey’s Cocktail Bar, recently opened on Calle Fuencarral, 70, designed as a replica of the speakeasies during Prohibition in the United States. They even replicated the same atmosphere that speakeasies had, with a cocktail list with all the classics and even some novelties, such as For the good times. They also serve burgers and other American specialities. Don’t miss out on their Brunch & Cocktail on weekends.

With more of a hipster atmosphere -although some of the owners are members of the band Marlango, including actress Leonor Watling- we come across Josealfredo (Calle Silva, 20). It has a pleasant atmosphere with low chairs so you can enjoy a nice chat and a cocktail menu that includes manhattans, sex on the beach and gin fizz.

Prices are standard, unlike those at Cock (Calle Reina, 16), one of the most emblematic cocktail bars in Madrid, alongside its neighbour Chicote (Gran Vía, 12), also worth a visit although you might have to pay a little bit more. We could say that there is a cocktail triumvirate in just a few square yards, with both of the aforementioned bars and Del Diego (at number 12). Home of writers, film stars and different aristocrats, it was Hemingway himself who taught the original daiquiri and mojito recipes in person to Chicote, the bar owner back then.

Less pretentious and filled with charm is L’Altro (Calle Bailén, 35), a cocktail bar close to the Italian Institute of Culture (Calle Mayor, 86) that specialises in Italian cocktails whose main ingredient is mostly Campari. Its clients also point out that they serve a fantastic gin fizz.

Make sure you drop by some of these cocktail bars during your next visit to our bed & breakfast in Madrid. You will definitely enjoy them.

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