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la fidulaIn the heart of Barrio de Las Letras -and a stone’s throw away from our budget hostel in Madrid-, is La Fídula (Calle Huertas, 57), a peculiar place that regularly offers live music of many different genres. You don’t have to pay to go in. All you need to do is go in, order a drink and, if you liked the performance, you can offer a tip for the artist that you can deposit in the money boxes on each table. The venue opened in 1978 and it is a reference for live music in Madrid, both professional and amateur.

A favourite for the recently deceased Javier Krahe is Café Central (Plaza del Ángel, 10), which offers jazz of the highest quality. Its stage has seen great artists such as Pedro Iturralde and Jerry Gonzalez and we recommend that you go there before it closes, which is what happened to Café Comercial. In August, they offered a programme of the highest quality, with performances from George Cables & Javier Colina or Luis Guerra Trío.

Blues lovers know where to go: La Coquette (Calle de las Hileras, 14). It is very close to Puerta del Sol and Teatro Real, a venue with an American flavour located in a basement with dim lighting. In August, they open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It’s best if you go on one of those days from 11pm onwards and just let the music carry you away. Something similar happens in El Junco, another of the pubs that is committed to good live music. For just 6 euros (which includes a beer), you can enjoy performances from bands such as Rootful Monk, a local young band that bring the best African-American music with their jam sessions planned for August 18th. Check the programme here and enjoy the best jazz, funk, soul, hip hop or Brazilian rhythms.

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