Test your intelligence with an escape mission

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Leisure activities evolve in the most unpredictable ways. One of the latest trends is the escape mission, where through different brain-teasers you have to find the exit route in limited time. One of these places is The Rombo Code, which presents itself on its website as “a secret society perpetuated over the centuries”, whose secrets are in the wrong hands. It is an ideal activity if you come and enjoy our accommodation for groups in Madrid.

The player has 60 minutes to complete the mission. It is easier to understand if you try it in person. Those who have done it say that it’s a fun experience that puts collective intelligence to the test. You don’t have to have tried it before to know the challenges that await are a great plan for you and your group of friends. You have three options: ‘The Mystery of Chapter 43’, ‘Casanova’s Escape’ and “Casanova’s Escape – Rombate”. Prices vary depending on the number of people who go together; from 48 euros for 2 to 69 euros for 5 players. Find out more on their website and choose one of these stimulating missions.

Another interesting option is Exit Game, whose game consists in finding a key by using logic, intelligence and skills in order to understand and decipher the different clues that you come across. They boast about being Madrid’s “number 1” escape missions game and they may be right, since their proposals are varied and offer an excellent setting. One of them is ‘The Art Merchant’, where the player must find clues that incriminate or prove the innocence of the painting collector. You also have 60 minutes to achieve it.

Prices are very similar to those of The Rombo Code: from 15 to 22 euros per person depending on the number of people in groups. Out of all the three missions, the ‘Cold War – Double Agent’ one, set in the 1960s, is the most difficult one. There are no excuses for not coming to the heart of the Chamberí district, just three minutes from Alonso Martínez, and trying this excellent experience. You can book directly on their website.

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