Cycling and beer… it can be done!

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You have probably seen a few of them on the streets of Madrid at some point and you probably thought: “I want to do that, too!” What are we talking about? Beer Bike, of course, that large vehicle that you pedal on that incorporates a beer tap so you can enjoy a beer while you discover the city.

Each Beer Bike can accommodate up to 18 people, but not all of them have to pedal since there are some places on it for those who cannot be bothered to do it, those that benefit from the effort of others. When we say effort we say it relatively speaking, because you do not have to be a fit cyclist to go around the city in this moving bar that, in case you were wondering, has a sober and skilled driver at the head. That way, you won’t get caught for drink driving!

This activity is very popular in cities like Berlin, Amsterdam and Liverpool and it has finally arrived in Madrid, offering a new fun way to see the heart of the city doing a circuit that takes approximately 45 minutes. The tour starts at the Carlos V roundabout (Atocha) and goes up to Cibeles before coming back to its starting point. This way, you can see the city and its main landmarks, like the Prado Museum, Plaza de Neptuno, the Ritz Hotel or Plaza Cibeles while you have a beer.

At BBike they make it easy so you can make your booking and enjoy this experience as soon as possible. So, how much does it cost? It depends on how much beer you want, starting at 15 euros per person, including a drink or a litre of beer per person; or a maximum of 25 euros, which allows you to have as many drinks, sangria and beers you like. For 20 euros, you can have a litre of sangria or as much beer as you want. Remember that the tour lasts only 45 minutes, so don’t go crazy when you make your booking and think about how much beer you can have in that time. It’s likely that a litre of beer is enough for 45 minutes. Pedal, drink and enjoy!

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