Do you know about Google Campus?

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Its official name is Campus Madrid, although it’s commonly known as Google Campus. Installed in an old factory that was renovated for this purpose, it opened its more than in 27,000 ft2 of space in June 2015 dedicated to the development of new companies and to boost entrepreneurial relations.

Located just a few minutes away from the La Latina district, Campus Madrid is on Calle Moreno Nieto, a street that is a short walk away from Madrid Río and the famous club La Riviera. However, it is closed on weekends, so plan your visit accordingly (it is open from 9.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. on weekdays).

Un espacio para la innovación

A space for innovation

Conceived for new entrepreneurs, this is an open space for all those who are curious about start-ups and innovation. Regardless of it being still summer, it’s never a bad time to discover interesting places. At Campus Café you can have an enjoyable time among the techie atmosphere, with free Wi-Fi and a café that serves salads and sandwiches that you can enjoy if you register previously (registry is free).

Distributed over four floors, Campus Madrid has two cafés with a bar on the first two floors, which are mainly used for first personal professional contacts between visitors and campus regulars.

As well as the desks spread around the whole space, the campus organises a long list of events, most of them about the entrepreneurial world, although there are others dedicated to leisure activities, such as the weekly yoga session carried out by Lucía Liencres.

After the visit, an excellent option is to walk down to MadridRío and have something to eat in the fast food joints in the area. We’re sure you will come up with a promising business idea that you can start up at the end of your holidays.

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