Passion for stout

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The increase in popularity of craft beer is resulting in more refined and cultured beer fans. Different seasons bring out different beers and autumn and winter is time for stout. There is much more than just Guinness, as you can see in The Stuyck and co., who specialise in craft beer on Corredera Alta de San Pablo, 33). Here, you have 14 different beers on tap to choose from and, above all, enjoy stout not just in a glass but also on a plate! Yes, you can also order stout pie that goes perfectly with, you guessed it, a pint of stout.

Another name to note down is The Toast Tavern (Calle Guzmán el Bueno, 34) thanks to its excellent stout, ideal to enjoy alongside the tasty sandwiches they also serve, such as the Haruki, made with roast beef, kimchi, corn salad and wasabi mayonnaise. However, if you fancy Spanish stout, try La Virgen Negra, one of two craft beers made in Madrid alongside Cibeles, a beer which you can try in places like Rice Bar La Bomba (Augusto Figueroa 33) and Cervezorama (c/ San Andrés, 29), although its popularity is increasing by the day and it’s being served in more and more places.

You can also try micro-brewed beers at Fábrica Maravillas (Calle Valverde, 29), with its exposed beer kegs not taking any charm away from this bar. And yes, they also have stout. VinoPremier, a place located on the same street, almost next to Fábrica Maravillas, also offers a large selection of wines to drink or buy alongside its many beers. Among the varieties, we recommend Moustache Negra Marinera, although the Mint Chocolate Stout with its mint twist is tempting. At 4.25 euros per bottle, it’s a highly enjoyable option. Cheers!

En Zuckerman encadenado, Philip Roth describe lo que él llama el «síndrome de Zuckerman»: cuando el escritor entra en una habitación, las personas callan por miedo a ser retratadas en un libro. ¿No temes que la escritura autobiográfica te haga sufrir el «síndrome de Zuckerman»? ¿Te ha ocurrido que alguna persona retratada en alguno de tus libros te pida explicaciones? ¿Cambias, al menos, los nombres?     Mi amigo David C. Williams a veces me previene, medio en broma medio en serio: «Oye, esto no lo digo para que lo cuentes luego en tus novelas». Pero de momento mi proyección es tan pequeñita que no he notado esa reacción en mi entorno cercano. Aunque una ex novia también me advirtió: «No escribas de mí, eh». No le hice caso, por supuesto, y una agente literaria lee ahora mismo ese texto. Dicho esto, si su publicación le pudiera disgustar, no habría tal publicación.

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