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There’s much more than just mojitos and caipirinhas and Madrid is the ideal place to experiment in the art of the elaborated drink. One of these cocktails is the Gimlet, Philip Marlowe’s favourite, which they prepare really well in La Galería (Costanilla de los Ángeles,9) with a good dose of premium gin, lime juice, ice and a slice of lime as garnish.

If you would like to try Luis Buñuel’s favourite cocktail, dry Martini, one of the best places to do so is the bar that used to serve it to the director itself: Museo Chicote. Buñuel liked it really cold, with a bit of angostura, a splash of vermouth on the ice and an olive dancing in the glass of gin. Nothing more. Careful, because when you try one you will want another and another.

Another legendary cocktail of Madrid’s nightlife, especially during the days of the Movida, is Leche de Pantera (Panther Milk), which they serve at Chapandaz. One of its strongest points is to see how the milk comes out of a stalactite and how the barman prepares it from this spring. The bar is a delight to all those who like strange places, since it’s a replica of a cavern that resembles a B movie film set. What does Leche de Pantera have? Gin, rum, milk, mint, cinnamon and a few secret ingredients.

We also recommend that you drop by Ateneo, the bar-restaurant that is opened above its homonymous cultural institution which was once directed by Manuel Azaña. Its elegant decoration and alternative cocktail menu make it a special place, offering preparations such as the Mai Tai, a rum cocktail full of flavour that will delight all of those with a sweet tooth.

As well as considering vermouth as a traditional cocktail of Madrid, we recommend other specialities from around the world, such as the Pisco Sour, a cocktail whose nationality is disputed between Chile and Peru. Try its best preparation at the select cocktail bar Cock.



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