Celebrate Chinese New Year with the best Chinese cuisine

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China Taste is taking place for the second time from January 13th until February 12th, an event which emerges due to Chinese New Year (this year is the Year of the Rooster). Here, you can enjoy traditional Asian dishes that are much more than fried rice. A total of 18 restaurants located in different parts of the city have joined up to this initiative that boasts about serving authentic Chinese cuisine, a far cry from the usual restaurants that serve food with added glutamate flavouring and the like.

Driven and promoted by the Chinese embassy, this month-long event allows you to try different different traditional yet innovative dishes, such as the Four Happiness meatballs or lotus root stuffed with fried meat that they prepare at Asia Té (Calle Agustín de Foxá, 27), where you can eat for 25 euros per person. At Café de Saigon, on Calle María de Molina, 4, you can enjoy an irresistible dim sum with duck foie, one of the menu’s most popular dishes alongside the prawn noodles.

Also, write down the crunchy flowers stuffed with prawns or the fusion-cook duck that they prepare at China Té (Calle Santa Hortensia, 60), and remember to try the delicious ginger and soy sea bass at Royal mandarin (Paseo de Recoletos, 37). Pato Laqueado de Pekín (Calle San Benito, 3), Royal Cantonés (Calle Olvido, 92) and Mo Restaurante are some of the other restaurants that offer Chinese cuisine with the authentic millenary flavour of its culture.

You can check all the different gastronomic menus here, which range from 20 euros at Sorgo Rojo to 45 euros at Asia Gallery respectively, including the Fenix de Jade prawns and the crispy duck and noodles with vegetables, a seemingly conventional menu but of excellent flavour and quality which more than justifies its 45 euros.

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La China más auténtica

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