Quinta de los Molinos and other charming parks

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March is the best time for Quinta de los Molinos, a park which is somewhat far from the city centre but easily accessible on the metro (Line 5, Suanzes). The park is 61 acres in size and has a huge arboretum, which is particularly beautiful at the end of winter and beginning of spring since it allows you to admire the spectacular flourishing of the almond trees. There are other species, such as olive trees, pine trees and eucalyptus trees but the almond trees experience their own moment of glory during this specific time of year. Created in the early 20th century, it’s a sober park in which its natural elements stand out, an ideal place for the first picnic of the year.

Highly unknown but full of charm is Quinta de la Fuente del Berro, which you can enter through different gates, one of them located at the end of Calle Jorge Juan. A visit here is an excellent idea before or after a shopping session in the Salamanca district, since it’s just a few minutes’ walk from the main shopping avenues.

More like a garden rather than a park, as its name indicates, is the Real Jardín Botánico (Royal Botanical Garden), a perfect appetiser before you visit the main park of them all: El Retiro. Plan your visit by clicking here, where you can find a map of the garden, self-guided itineraries and information on the plant of the month (in March, the hellebore).

Another charming park, slightly out of the way although not too far thanks to the flying Madrid metro (Line 5, Alameda de Osuna) is Capricho de Alameda de Osuna, a landscape and architectural gem that stuns unprepared visitors. Oak trees, pine trees, cypress trees and yew trees coexist with charming constructions worthy of a romantic story. It is perfect for a walk with your partner as soon as the first rays of spring sun start to emerge.

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