The best cafés to get free Wi-Fi in the centre of Madrid

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When a friend visits your home, the first thing you do is give him or her the Wi-Fi password. Usually, after introducing it into their phone, they feel the relief that freedivers feel when they reach the surface after a 10-minute dive. After half an hour, they ask us if we have a charger. This, my friends, is Twenty-first-century hospitality. Internet connection has the same importance as water and electricity and finding a Wi-Fi network while travelling can become a pressing need. If you’re walking around with your laptop and are working on the go, here are some places that will provide you with the all-important Wi-Fi connection.


Firstly, of course, a classic: Starbucks coffee shops. If you are in the city centre, there’s one on Plaza de Callao, two on Gran Vía (numbers 58 and 73), two on Calle Fuencarral (43 and 101) and another on Calle Velázquez, 176, as well as many others scattered around the city because, let’s not forget, this is a multinational coffee chain.

The Malasaña district offers interesting options, from traditional spots such as Café Pepe Botella to more hipster-like places like La bicicleta, on Plaza San Ildefonso, 9, which serves homemade cakes and excellent coffee. Another place in the same district, albeit of the café-bookshop kind, is Tipos Infames, on Calle San Joaquín, 3.

If you fancy browsing the Internet in a more elegant and less busy environment, you can always come and stay at Hotel de las Letras, on Gran Vía, 11, which also offers delicious croissants every morning for breakfast.

As a last resource, you can hop on an EMT bus and browse the web for free while you go on a city tour.

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