Escape Rooms, the fun that never goes out of fashion

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Tired of going shopping, drinking or to museums? Escape rooms are an excellent alternative for a different kind of entertainment, putting your mental and teamwork skills to the test. They are designed for groups of four or six people, although you can also play in pairs but it will make things more difficult since the fewer the people there are, the harder it gets. However, there are different levels and those responsible for each Escape Room toy with that factor.

One of them is Escape The Box, an excellent place to start where you can choose from three different modes: The Haunted Box (terror and haunted houses), The Museum Box (crime) and The Museum, also about crime. This is an ideal plan for groups, during which you can overcome the challenges posed without too much trouble (everything flows). Don’t worry, if you get stuck the Game Master will give you tips so that you can slowly progress. Also, don’t worry about claustrophobia or panic attacks because the rooms, despite not being too big, do not generate any anxiety, just the right amount of uncertainty and mystery. Prices range from 13 to 25 euros per person depending on the group size. Don’t forget to book in advance.

Highly professional and with many options. That’s how best to describe Fox In A Box, which has two different rooms (Santo Domingo and Infantas) with a total of 5 games or challenges. “We don’t stop playing because we grow old but rather we grow old because we stop playing” said Bernard Shaw, a motto that they take very seriously here. In the Zombie Laboratory you have one hour to figure out the chemical combinations to stop a zombie virus from spreading without remedy. Don’t hesitate too long to book because the most highly sought-after times were booked a long time ago, an excellent example of the degree of success this form of entertainment has. Make sure you experience it yourself.

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