Menu of the Day: good food in copious amounts at a good price

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Despite it being already 2018, you can still eat properly for just 10 euros in the centre of Madrid. In places like Del Estal, a traditional restaurant which seems to have been here forever, despite having a slightly dreary decor they serve delicious fresh tomatoes and figs straight from the vegetable gardens and knuckle roast on Thursdays. They don’t have a website: Calle de la Princesa, 47. Another good menu of the day is at La Sanabresa, in the heart of the Antón Martín district (Calle Amor de Dios, 12), which despite not being greatly sophisticated you can still enjoy that homemade food feeling which we like so much. Menus cost 10 and 11 euros from Monday to Friday and 14 euros on weekends. On Tuesdays, a complete cocido for just 11 euros.

Another menu not to be missed is the one at El Lacón, whose cocido for just 11.50 euros is prepared on Wednesdays. It is an ideal dish for winter, although the menu on the rest of weekdays is still very good: appetiser, starter, main course, dessert and drink for just over 10 euros. There is also a special menu for 14 euros which includes house specialities such as its homemade gizzards. In line with this homemade family cooking is Centro Gallego, another restaurant in the heart of the city which is an excellent choice for lunch. Located on a third floor, it is like travelling straight to Galicia.

A more modern and cool place is Bar Amor, in Malasaña. They offer a menu only for lunch for just 11.50 euros which includes fresh produce cuisine with an original touch. If you find yourself in Chueca, check out La Gioia, which serves Italian cuisine straight out of the Piedmont region. For 12.50 euros you can find pizza and pasta of the best quality as well as dishes à la carte that you will love prepared by the chef Davide Bonato such as uovo morbido, a heated egg with a black-rice crust that is simply delicious.

For a bit more money (15 euros) but definitely worth it you can enjoy the menu at Casa Gades with the charm of Calle Conde de Xiquena. Another great choice.

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