The true Neapolitan pizza in Madrid

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Naples has different embassies in Madrid, some more traditional and others more modern, such as Grosso Napoletano, which after its recent opening in Hermosilla and Santa Engracia it has become one of the city’s most popular spots, where managing to get bookings is become increasingly difficult. One of its attractions is its New-York style, which prevails in both of its restaurants, as well as its morbido (soft) style pizzas, made with 00 flour dough. Of course, the wood oven is a must for the true Neapolitan touch, since it is in this city, the home of pizza, where the equipment to prepare it was built. As well as pizza you must try other specialities such as vitello tonnato and burrata pugliese, as well as the fantastic beef carpaccio. Out of all the pizzas, the Borghese, with its creamy truffle base, is absolutely exquisite.

On Calle Modesto Lafuente there is another ristorante which is similar in terms of aesthetics and quality. The motto of Reginella is “the magic of authenticity”. Here, they also have a wood oven and pizzaiolos from Naples itself, which will make you feel like you are in Italy. Don’t miss out on its Sicilian caponata, a vegetable dish which comprises all the flavour of the Mediterranean; and the special pizzas selected every month, such as the white pizza with Gorgonzola cheese and mushrooms or the white pizza with artichokes and Neapolitan sausage. Average pizza price: 13 euros.

Also check out Anema e Core, located in the heart of the city (behind Gran Vía), a restaurant which has been labelled many times as the “best pizzeria in Madrid”. The four cheeses pizza has an excellent reputation, as does its burrata. This is also a Neapolitan pizzeria which boasts about producing homemade bread, dough and cakes. The restaurant has an elegant and sober decoration, another fantastic option for Italian cuisine lovers.

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