Cocido route 2018: the festival of Madrid’s star dish

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If they ask you to name three distinctive symbols of Madrid, you will probably think about the fried calamari sandwich, Plaza Mayor and… cocido. This filling and revitalising dish, ideal to face the cold winter days -with a good siesta in between, of course-, is probably the star dish of local cuisine in Madrid. The original recipe includes chickpeas, cabbage, carrots and an assortment of meats (black pudding, chicken, pork, chorizo and ham among others), all of which served in three rigorous servings: first the soup with noodles, then the chickpeas and the vegetables and, lastly, the meats.

In order to celebrate this sensorial feast, a series of restaurants in the Spanish capital have organised special days on which you can enjoy this delicious hot dish. The over 40 restaurants which have joined this initiative include some of Madrid’s most emblematic and famous restaurants, such as Los Galayos, La Bola and Malacatín, all of which specialise in cocido.

As well as offering the chance to buy the variations of cocido in the different restaurants, this route also includes a competition. With each menu, which ranges from 11€ at El Cabrero to 28€ at Parador de Chinchón, you will enter a draw. To enter you just need to take a photo of your receipt and send it to the organisation’s website. Not suitable for those on a fickle diet, the lucky winner will receive their weight in local wine, olive oil, coffee and beers.

Both the competition and the route will finish on March 31, 2018. There is still plenty of winter left to enjoy a nice warm cocido, even if the place you eat it is not part of any official route.

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