The best bars to watch the World Cup

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Football fans, your time has finally arrived. After four years, the World Cup is back, this time in Russia, although you won’t have to travel all the way there to watch it because that is what bars are for. However, which ones should you choose? There are plenty of good ones. A lively one in Lavapiés is La Funda_Mental (Calle Argumosa, 12), with different TVs in the front room and a large screen in the back room. Waiters are generally quite quick so you can focus on on enjoying the game.

Beer Station is on Cuesta de Santo Domingo, 22, and it is the classic sports bar with giant screens, different beers on tap and no-frill tapas served a bit like popcorn in bulk. The bar is quite popular so it’s best if you go a bit earlier to get a seat. Nearby is Erté (Calle Veneras, 1) a pub which also serves a large selection of beers and is perhaps a bit quieter than Beer Station but also more authentic thanks to its traditional marble tables.

If you are looking for an international atmosphere in the city centre near Puerta del Sol, there are a few pubs you can go to and watch the football. One of them is La Fontana de Oro (Calle Victoria, 1), one of the most legendary ones as it is a mix between a Spanish café and a British pub. Other options include O’Connell (Calle Espoz y Mina, 7) and O’Neill’s, (Calle del Príncipe, 12).

Another place to remember if you are looking for a sports bar is La Casa de la Cerveza, on Calle Luchana, 15, a spacious place with flags from all countries where you can watch all the World Cup games, which is taking place in Russia from June 14 to July 15. Spain will be playing on the following dates: June 15 vs Portugal, June 20 vs Iran and June 25 vs Morocco, all of them at 8.00 p.m. If they go through to the knockout rounds, the dates will be published soon.

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