Enjoy the dolce vita in Madrid with a delicious Italian aperitivo

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An Italian aperitivo sounds very cool, although it is quite similar to the Spanish tapas, drinks and laughs. However, it has an additional element which makes of all those who try for the first time it fall in love with it: an open buffet with pasta and pizza. The best Italian food at the best price, since you only pay for the drink. What seemed to be a temporary trend has actually arrived in Madrid to stay.

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The authentic one at Non Solo Caffé

One of the most popular aperitivos in the Spanish capital can be enjoyed every Thursday afternoon in this Italian bar located on Calle Ríos Rosas. It offers a copious buffet with Italian dishes which include traditional choices such as pasta and risotto and the famous drink Aperol spritz. Enjoy it all whilst listening to the best chill-out music.

The youthful one at Aió

This Italian restaurant in Malasaña is famous for its pizzettas (small pizzas), a popular choice amongst young locals. The aperitivo is also served every Thursday and it includes an open buffet with pasta, risotto, salads and, of course, the famous pizzettas. One of the most surprising features at Aió is its bicycle parking rack on the lower ground floor.

The traditional one at Mandralisca

This bar combines the best of Italy and Spain and it is the perfect place to enjoy a few beers and the best Italian cuisine with its famous aperitivo: croquettes, toasted bread, Russian salad, canapés and, of course, pasta and pizza. Unsurprisingly, it is also served every Thursday.

The cool one at Hotel Only You

Known as Dolce Martedì (Sweet Tuesday), it is the perfect aperitivo for those who wish to enjoy it in an elegant and pleasant atmosphere with the best live Italian music. Here, you can enjoy famous Italian drinks like spritz or a refreshing glass of Prosecco wine combined with a buffet of hot and cold Italian specialities such as Parmesan cheese, cold cuts, focaccia, pizza, pasta, etc.

And lastly, the quiet one at El Naranja Café

Our last recommendation is located near Malasaña. The aperitivo at El Naranja Café is ideal to start the weekend in the best possible way. Every Friday and Saturday you can relax after a long day of sightseeing with a glass of wine and the best Italian cuisine: pasta, pizza, focaccia, cold cuts, piadine, etc. You can also sample other international dishes such as couscous and hummus.

Which one do you prefer? We like them all!

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