Four bar terraces to continue enjoying the good weather in Madrid

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September is the new July just like 40 is the new 30. Despite that the holidays of sun and sand are over on the Spanish coastlines, Madrid offers many options to continue enjoying summer.

One of the most popular ones ingrained in the city’s DNA is its bar terraces. Would you like to find out the most popular ones for this year? Read on.


Tartan Roof

You have probably heard the expression “From Madrid to the sky” and in this bar terrace we are closer to touching it. Located on the rooftop of Círculo de Bellas Artes, this rooftop terrace of 7,500 ft2 is famous for its nightlife parties which also include delicious cocktails, chill-out music and good vibes. You can also enjoy the best traditional cuisine in its restaurant with a menu signed off by the chef Adolfo Muñoz, including dishes such as Toledo-style partridge, two textures, two wines; prawn, pomegranate and passion fruit carpaccio and courgette flower tempura with Manchego ratatouille.

Ginkgo Sky Bar

Its name comes from a Japanese plant with miraculous medicinal properties and it has now become this year’s trendiest bar terrace. Why? Thanks to its incredible views from its 360-degree glass windows overlooking Plaza de España. As well as the panoramic views, another of its main features is the restaurant which combines fresh-produce cuisine with Asian influences. We recommend the octopus carpaccio, the salmon, cream cheese and crunchy onion futomaki and the Casa-Lucio-style eggs and chips (huevos rotos) with tuna accompanied with rice from the Ebro Delta.

El Paracaidista

Its success stems from its youthful and fun atmosphere. Located in the heart of Malasaña, this is without doubt the most peculiar of all our recommendations, since it is a versatile four-storey space with an exhibition room, fashion, accessories and decoration boutiques; a gourmet space and a cinema. The terrace, with artificial grass, is the perfect place to see the sun go down with one of its spectacular cocktails whilst chatting with friends. Is there a better plan?

La Lonja

It deserves to be named on this list since it has one of the most privileged views of Plaza de Oriente. This quiet space in the heart of the Spanish capital is surrounded by beautiful gardens, the perfect bar terrace to freshen up after a long day of sightseeing.

Which one are you going to go to first? The more youthful ones like Tartan Roof or El Paracaidista or the gastro options like Gingko Sky Bar or La Lonja? The choice isn’t easy.

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