The three musicals you must see this autumn in Madrid

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Musicals are back in fashion. You just have to walk around Gran Vía to see how many of them are performed every night in the main theatres of the Spanish capital. If you love music, scenography, great stories, costumes and lighting, you have to go and see these three musicals.


Anastasia, from Broadway to the Coliseum Theatre in Madrid

For many years, there was a rumour going around the world that Anastasia, the youngest daughter of Nicholas II, the last tsar of Russia, had survived the Bolshevik assault on the Imperial Palace. This story has been reproduced in many films and has now become a musical.

Jana Gómez plays Anastasia in this musical which is set between Leningrad and Paris and in which the audience will go on a journey from traditional Russian dancing to classic ballet and even to the early days of jazz. This Broadway show, which has chosen Madrid for its European premiere, will start on 3 October 2018.

La llamada (Holy Camp!), the famous musical by Los Javis

Segovia, more specifically in the Christian camp of La Brújula, is the stage for one of this season’s most popular musicals. Maria and Susana are two rebellious teenagers who are in a band called Suma Latina. One day, God appears in the life of Maria and everything changes. If you would like to know how this ode to freedom and first love ends, you can find out at Teatro Lara from Thursday to Sunday.

The musical’s cast includes prestigious names such as Angy Fernández, Andrea Guasch, Nerea Rodríguez and Lucía Gil.

Billy Elliot, the crowd favourite

If you have seen the film, you already know the plot of one of the most famous Broadway musicals. It tells the story of Billy, a young boy born in a city in the north of England where the regular activities for men are boxing and working in the mines. However, Billy has a unique interest: ballet, for which he will fight throughout the musical.

The show has a famous cast including Natalia Millán and Carlos Hipólito. If you like shows which combine music and dance, this is the perfect musical for you. You can see it daily at Teatro Alcalá.

Check out these three musicals if you love the genre. If you would like to see them during autumn and you still haven’t arranged your accommodation, we have the best solution for you. Just click here.

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