The Harry Potter spell is cast in Madrid

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The world’s most famous wizard is back to cloak the main streets of the Spanish capital in magic. The ‘Madrid magical city’ street exhibition is an initiative by Madrid City Council and Warner Bros that plans to take over Madrid with some of the most recognisable symbols and images from the Harry Potter saga.

Altogether, there will be five magical sights to see until 15 December. These five locations have been chosen because of their significance in literature. Want to find out where they are?

Harry Potter_OK

A trail from Atocha to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium

The journey starts at Atocha station with the famous platform nine and three-quarters where young witches and wizards catch the Hogwarts Express to take them to magic school every year.

The next stop is the Botanical Gardens. Now, what would you expect to find there? Plant pots full of shrieking mandrakes, of course! Those screaming plants that drive even the most experienced wizards crazy.

The third magical monument awaits at the National Library: The Monster Book of Monsters, a dangerous book that threatens to bite readers when they open it.

Further along the way is the Natural Science Museum. Here lies the suitcase full of magical creatures that Newt Scamander leaves behind in Fantastic Beasts. Inside the museum, you will also find some of the most important magical beings from the saga and the real animals that inspired them.

This enchanting journey ends at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, where we muggles get the chance to ride the ‘Nimbus 2000broomstick, Harry’s trusty steed in his first few years and Quidditch matches at Hogwarts.

But the really great thing about this exhibition is that if you take pictures of yourself by the monuments and post them on social media with the hashtag #MadridCiudadMágica, you can win points to get discounts on leisure activities and restaurants for your next trip to Madrid.

Ready to embrace this magical experience and relive Harry Potter’s adventures?

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