The best nightlife areas to enjoy la noche madrileña

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Madrid is very much alive both day and night. This is where the movement of La Movida Madrileña (The Madrid Scene) took place, and it currently has different neighbourhoods with lots of nightclubs, pubs and neighbourhoods open 24/7. Do you want to know them? If the answer is yes, keep on reading.

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Located in the heart of the city, Malasaña has become one of the most vibrant neighbourhoods of Madrid. You will find cosy cocktails bars, pubs, nightclubs where we can mainly find thirty-year olds with different styles from rock to indie. In this neighbourhood you can find a great variety of proposals catering to all musical tastes. Amongst its bars, there are three that stand out and have become the heritage of Madrid’s popular culture: La Vía Láctea, El Penta or ElTupperWare.


Chueca is one of the most popular neighbourhoods of Madrid. It is famous for being the most vibrant gay quarter of Madrid. In it, we can find small bars or pubs, the historical Black & White or Libertad 8 are the ones that stand out.

La Latina

This is one of the neighbourhoods that never sleeps. During the day, La Latina is perfect for those who want to have a beer or enjoy the famous “tardeo”. Whereas during the night there is a wide offer of cocktail bars and nightclubs. You cannot miss out on the tablaos (flamenco venues), the one that stands out is El Corral de la Morería, renowned as the most prestigious tablao of the world.  

Sol-Gran Vía

In the heart of Madrid’s tourist district, we can also enjoy the city’s best nightlife with a wide range of proposals. In this neighbourhood we can find one of the most famous nightclubs of Madrid’s nightlife, such as Joy Eslava, which opened 150 years ago and started as a theatre and has now turned into a local that combines the performances of the best DJ’s with a wide range of concerts; or the Sala Marocco, the best place to reminisce about the famous movida madrileña from the 80s.


This is the best hub to enjoy a multicultural night which offers a variety of African, Arabic, Latin-American or Flamenco rhythms. The places that stand out are La Casa Encendida, the Centro Social Autogestionado La Tabacalera or Circo Price.

Five neighbourhoods that won’t let you down if you want to discover the best and the funniest nightlife of Madrid.

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