Mercado de Motores – Madrid’s major vintage market

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The Mercado de Motores is one of the Spanish capital’s most emblematic markets, but it is not very well known among tourists. This is the ultimate vintage market in Madrid, selling a surprising range of all sorts of goods. One of the things that make it so special is the fact that it only takes place one weekend a month. The next market in January will be held on Saturday 12th from 11 am to 10 pm and Sunday 13th from 11 am to 9 pm. Where? Inside the Railway Museum.

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What will you find there?

All sorts! Plenty of designer treasures, fashion and jewellery. Altogether, over 100 artists come here to set up their stalls. You may want to buy some super cool dungarees wrapped in a pizza box, a set of watercolour dinnerware or a Movers Bag, a clever handbag-come-vest with two large pockets. And the best things is… entrance is absolutely free!

It’s also a great place for a family day out. You will find all kinds of train-themed workshops (all of which are free), a mini train for a trip around the Gardens (which you will have to pay for) and, of course, a tour around the Railway Museum itself. Dog owners can also rest at ease because, although your four-legged friend isn’t allowed inside the market, they have a dog-sitting service at the entrance where you can drop him off.

Another reason why this market is so special is that you will also find private stalls outside. Anyone can book a spot and sell whatever they like: books, clothes, ornaments… A great way to get rid of all those unwanted items.

Food is another strong appeal at the Mercado de Motores. Every month, visitors get to choose from a vast selection of street food. There are options to suit everyone’s preferences, including vegetarians and vegans, all served out of quaint little food trucks like Blas Lamberti’s or Ma Petite’s Crêperie.

This market is an excellent option if you are looking for a different plan in the Spanish capital, with an undeniable resemblance to London’s Portobello and Camden Town. And if you still haven’t booked accommodation for your trip to Madrid, don’t miss our deals.

*Image taken from the Mercado de Motores Instagram page.

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