Three original and unusual restaurants to discover in Madrid

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restaurantes originales

Madrid is a truly unique city and it offers a multitude of original and entertaining things to do. Today, we’re bringing you a selection of restaurants where you’ll not only enjoy a delicious gastronomic experience, but also a truly unique experience. Do you dare to try them?

Enigmatium, you have to find it first

This restaurant is unique because nobody knows where it is. So, the first enigma you have to solve is where it’s located. The adventure begins two days before your visit, when you will receive an email containing clues to help you resolve the first mystery. Once you are inside Enigmatium, you can expect three hours of magic, humour, games, riddles and enigmas. It’s also the only restaurant where, once inside, it is forbidden to have your mobile phone turned on or to wear a watch. The menu comprises a salad of tomatoes, sprouting seeds, mozzarella and basil oil, Iberian pork sirloin gratin and chocolate cake, all washed down with drinks from the free bar.

Dans le noir, a unique sensory experience

Can you imagine eating in complete darkness? That’s exactly what you’ll find at Dans le Noir, a restaurant offering a unique sensory, human and social experience. The absence of light helps us to appreciate the true essence of the flavours. In addition, all the staff in the dining hall are blind. We’re sure you’ll be wondering how you’ll read the menu in complete darkness. Don’t worry, you make your choices in the reception before you enter the dining hall. What will you find on the menu? A blend of textures and flavours that will disappear or transform, providing you with a truly entertaining dining experience.

La castafiore, a restaurant that hits all the notes

This restaurant merges the culinary discipline with opera. While the delicious gastronomic offerings delights your taste buds, your ears will be treated to live opera performances accompanied only by a piano. The singers will perform excerpts from some of the most popular operas and zarzuelas.

Which of the three will you choose? All three, for sure. Try them out and let us know what you think!

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