4 beautiful and unique libraries in Madrid that you can’t miss out on

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Today is Book Day, an initiative that started in Catalonia in 1923. On this particular date, it’s customary to gift a book to one of your loved ones. To make your search more enjoyable, we’ll show you four libraries in Madrid that will definitely not disappoint you.

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Librería Bardón, the most charming library in Madrid

When you enter its door, you feel as though you’ve travelled to the past. It’s a family business that was founded by Luis Bardón in 1947. Nowadays, his granddaughters—Belén and Alicia Bardón—are the ones who run it. It has some 50,000 books, but this business is a little strange because in this library you can mostly find early editions, from incunabula (books that have been edited since the invention of print until the beginning of the 16th century) to copies from the 18th century. For this reason, its main buyers are private collectors or public institutions.

Swinton & Grant, a multidisciplinary space

You can find a library, a coffee shop and an exhibition gallery all in the same space. It’s located right in the centre of Lavapiés and its library is specialised in urban and avant-garde art, as well as in comics, graphic novels and artist books. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a good book while trying some organic products in their café. You can also finish your visit to the Swinton Gallery by enjoying the paintwork and photography of promising youth.

La Central de Callao, a new library concept

It’s one of the biggest libraries in Madrid and it’s the perfect location for book lovers, given that it has a collection of 70,000 volumes. However, this space is much more than just a library. It has a bistro where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast or an appetising meal, a hangout space where you can have a few drinks and a shop where you can buy everything from stationery to bags. 

Ocho y Medio, the library for cinema lovers

This is a cult space for cinema lovers. On its shelves, you can find more than 15,000 volumes in various languages, a large selection of DVDs, and lots of film posters and other accessories related to the world of cinema. Also, you can enjoy a delicious coffee inside while you read one of its novels dedicated to cinema.

Four different libraries where you can enjoy a unique atmosphere and buy different and original novels. Which one will you visit?

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