Three low-cost plans you cannot miss during the San Isidro festivities in Madrid

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On 10-15 May Madrid celebrates one of its most anticipated festivities of the year: San Isidro. During these days there will be chulapos aplenty showing off their traditional dances, music and spectacles. If you want to make the most of these days without feeling the pinch, check out these three plans.

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Music and concerts

Three different stages at which to enjoy the best national music. An offer that includes everything from avant-garde pop to twerking. The first stage where we can watch concerts is on the Plaza Mayor. The indie band Rufus T. Rifley will fire the starting shot with a magical show of clean psychedelia. That same day can also see a performance by Novedades Carminha, who blend several styles including dancehall, indie-pop, dub and cumbia. Other renowned artists such as Tequila or Mikel Erentxun, among others, will later step onto the stage.

The next stage is Las Vistillas with a much more indie repertoire. Here you can see bands such as Fario, a Madrid-based trio that combines experimental 60’s music with the more moving sounds from the 90’s; Tórtel, with his avant-garde pop; or Neuman, the veteran band from Granada who will debut their fifth album “Crashpad”. All in all, on 10 May we will enjoy the music of 20 talented artists.

The last stage is in the Pradera de San Isidro park. Here we can dance to the tunes of Brisa Fenoy with her electronic pop, risqué lyrics and unique voice; Chunguitos, who with their legendary Gypsy combo will help us remember their classics, like Carmen or Dame veneno; or Kiko Veneno, who is debuting his latest project, “Sombrero Roto”, featuring his classic Mediterranean sound.

Picnic in La Pradera de San Isidro

If you really want to go native, you cannot skip this plan. Watch the traditional dances of the chulapos up close while enjoying a meal with friends and family on the grass. Don’t worry about food, because every year this place becomes the backdrop of the legendary free paella giveaway. And if you want to try some traditional Madrid gastronomy, order a bocadillo de gallinejas (‘tripe sandwich’) or rosquillas (a type of donut; there are several varieties: ‘tontas’, ‘listas’, Santa Clara, francesas…).

Giants and bigheads

One of the most traditional things you can do during San Isidro is watch the giants and bigheads’ parade through the city after the celebrations. Their existence is turbulent, and they melt the hearts of the locals with their jingling bells. You can watch them as they walk from Sal Street to the Plaza de la Villa. When you see them walk by, to honour the city’s patron-saint, you have to shout: ¡Viva San Isidro! (‘Long live San Isidro!’)

To enjoy these wonderful festivities to the fullest all you have to do is relax and rest once the day is over. To do that, explore the offers at our international hostel in the heart of Madrid.

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