The best ice cream in Madrid

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To cope with the heat of Madrid, there is nothing better than a dip in a pool and a great ice cream. Madrid has some of the best ice cream parlours in Spain. Do you prefer classic vanilla or more exotic flavours? Summer is the best time for these little pleasures in life. 

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La Romana, from Italy to Madrid

The Zucchi family started this ice cream parlour in 1947 in Rimini. A few years ago he started on the international trail and now has four shops in Madrid. The key to their success is more than 60 creative flavours and blends which they make fresh every day. If you make a visit, don’t forget to try the hazelnut cream with roast almonds bathed in hazelnut cream with cocoa or the mascarpone cream with coffee and dark chocolate.

Mistura, the most sustainable ice cream

One of the most innovative ice cream parlours in Madrid. It has its origins in the city of Hyderabad in India, where its owners discovered a unique way to combine flavours and textures. The ice creams are 100% natural and all the materials they use are recyclable and biodegradable. Discover their star flavour: Bronteb pistachios (Catania, Sicily). 

Rocambolesc, Michelin-starred ice cream

This place is managed by Jordi Roca, the best pastry chef in the world, and his wife. This is haute cuisine applied to the world of ice cream, but at price which is affordable for all. They serve ice cream tubs, lollipops, panets with ice cream and toppings with exclusive flavours including mandarin sorbet, passion fruit and orange blossom or dulce de leche, guava jam and cotton candy. 

La Pecera, the coolest fish ice cream

Over the door is a sign that says: “Madrid may have no beach, but at least we have La Pecera.” Famous for its taiyaki, a Japanese fish-shaped cake filled with ice cream. The moment you try one, you’ll go completely crazy. First choose four flavours of ice cream to put in your taiyakis. One of the most popular is matcha tea. Then choose from a variety of toppings such as caramelised popcorn or nutella sauce. 

The best ice cream with a slight hint of sin and a great way to cope with the soaring temperatures of a Madrid summer.

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