Callao City Arts, the cultural Times Square of Madrid

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We all dream of visiting New York at least once in our lifetime. And among one of the city’s greatest appeals is Times Square, a space full of light and multimedia screens. Now, we will find something very similar in the centre of Madrid. But in this square, instead of advertising, we find art.
Callao City Arts will turn Madrid’s central square into a unique cultural and artistic space for a whole year thanks to a multidisciplinary project, first of its kind in Europe, developed by Callao City Lights, the company that manages the emblematic Callao cinemas and Cultura Inquieta.
 Callao City Arts
For 12 months starting from 11 June, major talents of contemporary art will present their photography and video art on the various screens located around the square. It’s a visual experiment involving two main initiatives: Poetas Visuales, a project that presents the work of the new generations of artists in the photography world, and Arteen 10, a project that will display 10-second audiovisual montages by emerging artists.
The objective of this initiative is to draw attention to those artists with a special capacity to transmit emotions through their images and videos. Among the first artists included in this visual spectacle, the photographers Martina Matencio and Oliver Latta particularly stand out.
Martina Matencio’s photographs fuse nostalgia, intimacy and delicacy. Her work is nearly always motivated by the female body and she captures young people who, through their eyes, tell stories of happiness, sadness, abandon and nostalgia.
Oliver Latta, better known as Extraweg, is a German art director and 3D artists that works and lives in Berlin. He is known for transforming the daily actions of a human being into less than conventional forms with his unique mobile shapes. His animations are disturbing but they have a beautiful and hypnotic side.
The complete calendar of artists can be found on the website. Don’t miss the chance to witness this mixture of multimedia images and art that are sure to fascinate all those who pass through one of Madrid’s busiest squares.
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